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Once upon a time on my balcony

— — Begin dispatch

Some days you find oddly beautiful fiction that gets your brain gears spinning in the direction of human possibility and contradiction. Like here. This place. Dynamic Creed. At times darkly humorous, generally off the wall, and always evocative and illustrative of the quirks and accidents of verse that follow the human spirit down the corridor of life onto the sidewalk where vagrants count cardboard coins.

Who said that?

My name is Victor David Sandiego, once a derelict child, former drifter, long ago military, realistic progressive, elder contemplator, ex-pat, living in a small town in Mexico.

Not into conformity. Not because I’m some revolutionary but because it’s kind of boring.

Be the change you want to see

Before this was even a saying, I was engaged with this idea. I like things that are different and I welcome change. I’d like to see the world of short fiction move into deeper waters and push boundaries. I find the words popular and uninteresting synonymous.

My intention is to provoke thought. Not emotion, although that happens too. Thought and reflection. And yes, I know. Not what the teachers say.

I publish a new story once a week,1 Tuesday morning. Watch your inbox; it shall ding in delight.


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  • “Victor's writing is like a shot of strong coffee, or maybe a warm embrace”

  • “This shit is too weird for our magazine”

  • “What happened to Billy?”

Writer advice

None here. You probably shouldn’t take it anyway.

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Once a week doesn’t always work out. Sometimes I take a week off, go on a road trip or something. But once every week or two is generally how it goes. And Tuesday is my day because it’s a really great day as far as I’m concerned.

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One of a kind evocative creative fiction for those who enjoy thoughtful, edgy stories that provoke reflection upon our shared human condition.


Ex-pat, long ago military, mislaid soul, realistic progressive. I find beauty in the divine when it'll have me, inside a jail when it won't let me go, and among cultural outcasts on the sidewalks of the city.