Love this one. I feel it. Excellent work.

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To say the story is brilliant would be a judgment

To say the protagonist now hides in the folds of my mind would be narcissistic

To say I have a good relationship with death would be a lie

To say I cherish the story more than death could be true

So instead, I will respectfully echo back the phrases that ricochet inside me

Life plus death equals existence

a bank account barely

watched it without watching

come home to the microwave

popcorn in their teeth

death is a living thing too

cuddled death under weathered tombstones

until the clock said bed

the final window that death crawls through

A sign read Psychiatrist. Close enough.

I’m not paying for that

Life didn’t have to have meaning

It only needed to be a little more cherished than death

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Para mí escuchar o hablar sobre la vida y la muerte es divertido...en serio! Gracias, fue muy bueno leerlo y me gustó!!

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I read this like an essay about the importance of breaking out of the cycles that life likes to pull us into. As I read it, I kept thinking about a news article I read earlier this morning about the U.S. Surgeon General’s new initiative to combat a loneliness epidemic. Anyway, your story-like-an-essay has inspired me to break out of my daily grind and do something different. I’m not sure what that different will be yet. I will report back.

Thank you for the story, Victor. It has impact.

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